Following a three-day meeting of the Asian Electronics Forum (AEF), held for the first time in Hong Kong, delegates have jointly stated that the "electronics industry will be a dominant economic driving force of the world in the 21st Century".

Furthermore, they forecast that Asia, which already manufactures more than half of the world's total electronics products, is a key player in global terms and will also be a highly potential growth market as well.

"We see very strong and positive growth in the coming years," the AEF delegation agreed.

The Asian Electronics Forum is a gathering of the chairmen or CEOs of major electronics trade associations from around Asia. Participation, which is on a voluntary, non-membership basis, can cover a wide region with participants ranging from China to Vietnam and include Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the Asean territories.

The AEF, which meets once a year in spring and complements the more global World Electronics Forum (WEF) which meets annually in autumn or winter, provides a platform to facilitate co-operation to benefit individual territories and Asia as a whole.

The principle objectives of the AEF include:

At the conclusion of the 2004 Asian Electronics Forum, delegates have voted that P.R. China will be the next year's host and the city will be decided at a later stage. China hosted the 8th World Electronics Forum in Beijing in 2002. For this year's 10th WEF meeting, Washington DC, USA will be the host territory in September.