Founded in 2004, AEF (the Asian Electronics Forum) is a voluntary gathering of CEOs and Directors of electronics industries associations in Asian and Pacific nations, effectively supplementing WEF (World Electronics Forum). AEF is an annual high-level meeting, which is held in different Asian nations in turn. AEF was launched mainly by HKEIA (Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association), TEEMA(Taiwan Electrical & Electronic Manufacturers' Association ), JEITA (Japan Electronics & Information Technology Industries Association), EIAK (Electronic Industries Association of Korea) and CECC (China Electronic Chamber of Commerce) etc. The first AEF was successfully held in Hong Kong with the forum organizer of HKEIA, which is the 3-year term secretariat of the forum.

The tenet of AEF is: as non-political and non-profit electronics industries body, to discuss hot issues and the development trend of Asian electronics industries in the form of forum, and to strengthen the electronics industrial relationship and cooperation in Asian nations and regions.

2nd AEF was held by CECC on July 2, 2005 in Qingdao, China in conjunction with SINOCES (China International Consumer Electronics Show) and CEF (Consumer Electronics Forum). People attended the forum include 30 representatives from 11 associations in 9 Asia Pacific nations and regions. Vice Prime Minister of P.R. China, Madam Wu Yi met with the representatives. Mr. Zhou Zixue, the Director General of Bureau of Economy System Reform & Economy Operation of Ministry of Information Industry of P.R. China, attended the meeting and made a keynote speech at the forum.

With the theme of "Establish the environment for technology and trade cooperation in electronics information industry, and promote economic development and social prosperity in Asia and Pacific region", representatives in 2nd AEF made abroad and in-depth discussions on hot issues like current status and prospects of electronics information industries in Asian & Pacific regions, opportunities and challenges of global informationization, etc.

Representatives have agreed on the following viewpoints and principles:

1. Establish fair and mutually beneficial trade environment to promote the growth of ICTs in the Asia Pacific economies.

2. Seize the development opportunities to Asia Pacific electronic industries created by the globalization of information flow. Make great efforts to address the challenges resulting from the above.

3. Accelerate development and application of electronics information technology, like integration of 3C convergence, 3G mobile phone communication and digital home network. Strengthen the exchange and cooperation in high-tech industries.

4. Help developing countries in the region to build their ICT infrastructure.

5. Promote the awareness of the importance of intellectual property rights, encourage IPR protection activities.

6. Raise the awareness of global environmental issues affecting the ICT industry. Promote the practice of green manufacturing in electronics and electrical industries.

Finally, representatives selected JEITA (Japan Electronics & Information Technology Industries Association) as the organizer of 3rd AEF.