Asian Electronic Forum 2006 Tokyo

Founded in 2004, AEF (Asian Electronics Forum) is a voluntary gathering of CEOs and Directors of electronics industries associations in Asia and Pacific nations. After 1st forum in Hong Kong in 2004, and 2nd Forum in Qindao, China, 3rd AEF was held on July 19, 2006 in Tokyo, Japan. People attended the forum include 17 representatives from 9 associations of Asia and Pacific nations and regions.

With the main theme "Asia as a Global ICT center", representatives in AEF 2006 vigorously discussed on these issues such as our industries development, barriers to trade and investment and environmental policy to accomplish this goal. In the first session members shared the forecasts of our industries and discussed the conditions for becoming a global ICT center. In the second session members exchanged their views to promote free trade and investment especially in our products and industries as basic conditions for a global ICT center. Also representatives made presentations on their contribution activities to global environmental preservation.

After splendid presentations and enthusiastic discussion members shared views that we should cooperate to overcome these problems to be solved for making Asia a global ICT center. And members agreed on the following viewpoints and principles:

1. Convergence between ICT and CE progresses more and more. Also convergence of hardware, software, service and contents industries progress rapidly.

2. Acceleration of information distribution from Asia results to make Asia an information network hub.

3. Establish fair and mutually beneficial trade and investment environment to make Asia a global ICT center.

4. Expansion of ICT-related outsourcing is beneficial to the world economy and to the development of our industries.

5. Asian-led international standards and streamlining of legal system are of great significance for our goal.

6. Global environmental preservation is indispensable for continuous growth of our industries and the global economy.

7. Effective use of ICT is beneficial for environmental preservation and energy efficiency.

8. Members agreed to confirm the contact person at each association to strengthen our ties.

Finally, members selected SEIPI (The Semiconductor and Electronics Industries in the Philippines, Inc.) as the organizer of 4th AEF.