4th Asia Electronics Forum at Cebu, Highlights of the Meeting, July 19, 2007

The Asia Electronics Forum (AEF) is a voluntary gathering of leaders of electronics industries associations in Asia. AEF meets annually to discuss major topics of common interests to the various associations, exchange information on services and data and strengthen relations between associations for the benefits and services of our industries.

The 4th Asia Electronics Forum (AEF) was held in Cebu, Philippines in July 19, 2007, and was hosted by the Semiconductor and Electronics Industry in the Philippines, Inc. (SEIPI). Twenty (20) delegates from nine Asian economies participated in the meeting. The meeting was highlighted by a review and discussion of the Joint Declarations of the previous three (3) AEFs, namely Hongkong (2004), Qingdao (2005), and Tokyo (2006), with the objective of identifying specific programs to pursue agreed priority focus area/s.