Year Papers
2010 The Asian Electronics Forum is a gathering of the chairmen or CEOs of major electronics trade associations from around Asia. They has delivered their speech and powerpoint to share their views on future development on electronic industry.

Speaker 1: Mr. Sam Shen Senior Industry Consultant and Director, Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute (MIC), Institute for Information Industry (III)

Topic: Outlook for the 2010 Taiwanese ICT Industry



Speaker 2: Dr. Bill Petreski, Principal Advisor, Technology Industry, AIG

Topic: Electrical and Electronics Manufacturing in Australia



Speaker 3: Ms. Qu Weizhi, President, CECC

Topic: To Promote the Innovation and Cooperation in Information Industry and the Prosperity of Asian Economy



Speaker 4: Mr. Shigeo Miyoshi, Vice President Overseas Research, CIAJ

Topic: Telecom Industry in Japan



Speaker 5: Mr. N.K. Goyal, President, CMAI

Topic: ICT Status in India



Speaker 6: Mr. Charuek Hengrasmee, President, EEI

Topic: Investment and Trade Facilitation in Thai Electrical and Electronics Industry



Speaker 7: Prof. K.B. Chan, Chairman, HKEIA

Topic: Prevailing Global Economics & Electronic Industry



Speaker 8: Mr. Shoichi Inoue, Deputy General Manager, International Affairs Department, JEITA

Topic 1: Asia Green IT Froum and related government measures

Topic 2: Trade (WTO, NAMA, ITA and others)



Speaker 9: Mr. Nguyen DucThong, Vice Chairman, VEIA

Topic 1: Current Status and Some Development Trends of Vietnam Electronic Industry

2004 Prof. YC Chan, Hong Kong
Mr. Kaneko, Japan
Mr. Kung Wang, Taiwan