Ladies and gentlemen, good evening:

On behalf of TEEMA, the host of the 6th Asia Electronics Forum, I would like to announce the communiqu? of the 6th AEF:

The Asia Electronics Forum (AEF) is a voluntary gathering of Presidents and CEOs of Asian electronic related industrial associations. AEF members meet annually to discuss major topics of common interests to the electronics sector and to strengthen relationships between associations for the benefits of Asian electronics industries.

The 6th Asia electronics Forum was held in Taiwan on April 9-12, 2010, and was hosted by Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association. A total of 37 CEOs and Directors of 9 Asian associations joined this event and 9 excellent reports were presented.

According to the discussion at the closed door meeting in Hualien on April 10 and the formal forum in Taipei, all the 6th AEF delegates agreed to the following statements:


The contribution of IT products and IT technologies was discussed and the importance of green IT activities for the environment was recognized and supported by all members. We also recognized the importance of doing work as much as possible to resolve environmental issues, and discussed possible approaches as an association, including sharing information and others. The members agreed to support the initiative to share the information and experience on e-waste issue.

2. Free Trade

Each member agreed that enhancing free trade is the key for Asian electronics industries. All members also understood the promotion of WTO/Doha, negotiations on NAMA, environmental products and ITA maintenance as effective and essential means of enhancing free trade.

The US lithium battery issue was raised by JEITA as potentially problematic, and all members recognized the necessity to indicate the concern to the US organizations.

3. Innovation Prize and Best Quality Prize

The proposal for establishing an Innovation Prize and a Best Quality Prize for the Asian electronic information industry was discussed, and all members concluded that possibilities and concerns in this regard on the Innovation Prize as the first step. All members should exchange more information and experience about setting the innovation prize and this matter should be examined in more detail to encourage Asian electronics enterprises to further improve their product image in the areas of innovation. The HKEIA, as the secretariat of the AEF, will provide more information and collect the opinions among AEF members for the prize issue.

4. Host country for the next annual meeting It was agreed that the 7th AEF in 2011 will be hosted by CMAI Association of India. We also talked about the possibility that the 8th AEF in 2012 will be hosted by Australian Industry Group, and the 9th AEF in 2013 will be hosted by Thailand Electrical and Electronics Institute.

Last but not least, I would like to have the honor to invite all of you to join the farewell party at the 85th floor restaurant of TAIPEI 10, the highest restaurant in Asia. I do hope you have a good memory in Taiwan. Thank you so much for your participation. Thank you!